Dubai: The desert, the skyscrapers and everything in between…

Note: This is the first of two posts recounting Eye on the East’s recent visit to Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

So I finally went back to Dubai. I didn’t expect anything to feel familiar, given that so much had changed in the eight years since my first visit. Part of me knew what to expect, and part of me hoped for something new.

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Thinking about Palestine

There is never a good or right time to talk about Palestine. A cause, a dream, a responsibility, a defeat, a crime and a badge of shame on the world, which has affected, been used and abused, and shaped a considerable part of the Middle East’s contemporary history. As the situation in the occupied territories continues to evolve, or rather deteriorate, and with it the chances of a viable peace, keeping Palestine in the public discourse almost seems like a constant necessity to keep the cause alive. Continue reading “Thinking about Palestine”