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بيروت , ايضا و ايضا

الانفجار الاخيرالذي وقع في بيروت استهدف وزير المالية السابق محمد شطح, و أودى بحياة مرافقه ، الطالب محمد الشعار, واربعة مواطنين ابرياء لم تحدد هويتهم بعد. انه يوم حزين انهى سنة مضمخة بالدماء. و باستمرار العنف و الانفجارات في طراباس … Continue reading

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Beirut, Yet Again

Yesterday’s explosion in Beirut – killing former Finance Minister Mohammad Chatah among around seven others who remain to be identified –  is a sad way to end a year already painted blood-red. With the ongoing violence and bombings in Tripoli, Dahiyeh, and … Continue reading

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The Lebanese Army: Coming a long way and a long way left to go

In another of those instances of invaluable political lessons one learns along the way, there is one about the role of the army that I will never forget. The idea is that in so-called developed countries with long-established and solid … Continue reading

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Honoring Mandela

The best way to honor Nelson Mandela isn’t by sharing his words, but by believing in them and breathing life into them. Madiba’s words were loud but his deeds were louder, and this is what made the difference he was prepared to die … Continue reading

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Dubai: What’s behind the desert, the skyscrapers and everything in between

Note: This is the second of two posts recounting Eye on the East’s recent visit to Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The first post can be found here. There always seems to be a certain buzz around Dubai. Whether it’s the … Continue reading

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Tripoli: In Memory of a Lost Generation

It is an image I will never forget. A teenage girl, her gently rounded head dangling out of the car window; her long black hair swinging to the beat of the wind, caressing her young features, lifeless; her eyes slightly visible, … Continue reading

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