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If you’re here to read about Lebanon and Arab politics and social issues, as well as random travels, you’ll find that. But you’ll have to look for those posts in the archives. Eye on the East has transformed, resembling any human being whose interests and outlook develop and change with time.  For more on this transformation, please visit our About page.

Today, the blog’s focus is much less on politics and more on personal commentary inspired by societal issues of interest. More importantly, however, Eye on the East will increasingly serve as a platform for the fiction writing by its author.

We also believe that keeping the design of this site simple also helps you best enjoy the actual content the blog offers, past and present. Visit our Blog Posts page for all posts and to subscribe to our mailing list. Follow us on Twitter for updates and occassional political commentary,  Instagram to see the world through Eye on the East’s lens, as well as on Facebook for updates. For a list of where Eye on the East has been featured out there, visit the Featured page . To keep in touch  and tell us what’s on your mind, the Contact page will make your voice heard.

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