concave croppedThe Blog: Eye on the East was established in 2011 as a blog about history, politics, society and culture of Lebanon and the Arab World. Inspired by the 2011 Arab uprisings, thoughts in the form of Facebook notes on regional developments evolved into full-fledged blog posts on what united and divided the region at that historic time. All this provided the foundations for this blog (posts from February – June 2011, which can be found in the site’s Archives).

A lot has happened since then…while one could easily argue that much more has essentially stayed the same, and therefore regressed, especially in terms of human progress, freedoms, social justice and societal development for those living in Lebanon and the Arab World. Without completely giving up on this state of affairs, but refusing to keep on repeating the same cries against everything that keeps us stagnant, and away from achieving our full potential, the blog has decided to switch gears.

Today, Eye on the East focuses less on Lebanese and Arab politics, and more on personal commentary inspired by societal issues of interest to and travels undertaken by the author. Eye on the East will always be focused on Lebanon and the Arab World – and for quick and regular commentary, following us on Twitter is a must – but through a different lens from now on. More importantly, however, Eye on the East will increasingly serve as a platform for fiction writing by its author, some of which has already been posted on the blog (including Waiting for George and Nothing but Alexandria).

pic 1The Author: Marina Chamma, founder and Editor in Chief of Eye on the East, is a Beirut-based political economist and more importantly, writer. As a blogger, she has featured in a variety of print and online news portals, a list of which can be found here. Eye on the East was one of 10 finalists in Lebanon’s first ever 2013 Social Media Awards in the Best Personal Blog category. In 2017, she was part of the “Top 100 Lebanese Social Media Influencers to Follow,” according to the Middle East Social Media Festival. As a fiction writer, her work has appeared in Sukoon (online English-language Arab-themed art and literature magazine) and Dust Magazine (Berlin-based fashion and art magazine). Marina is currently finalizing her first work of fiction, a collection of short stories inspired by real-life socio-political issues in Lebanon and the Arab world.

Fareskilt_45The Disclaimer: It goes without saying, but should be said, that the opinions expressed on this blog are strictly those of the author of Eye on the East. Opinions do not represent those of any institution or organization the author has, is currently or will be affiliated with in the future, either on a professional or personal basis. Eye on the East is not responsible for comments by readers and opinions of guest writers, which do not necessarily represent the opinions of Eye on the East.