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Where is our Voice?

The self-extension of the Lebanese Parliament’s term yesterday did not come as a surprise to anybody. It was yet a further nail in the coffin of Lebanon’s democracy, albeit its own special tailor-made brand of consensual, whatever-you-want-to-call-it democracy, where nobody … Continue reading

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Living Like There’s a Tomorrow

If we can rarely enjoy a day in Lebanon without countless and extensive electricity cuts, can we ever expect to see the light at the end of the tunnel? A day in a life of a Lebanese is a dichotomy … Continue reading

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Anatomy of an Arab Political Blogger

You would think that the definition of an Arab political blogger was simply the sum of its parts; someone who keeps a blog, hails from the Arab world and is more than willing to express a political opinion. Yet as … Continue reading

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Small Acts of Resistance

Acts of resistance may sometimes be small, but their consequences are sometimes immeasurable. Resistance can be national or local. It can span across years or simply months. Resistance can be characterized by its political affiliations or religious undertones.  It can … Continue reading

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