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“Your Time is Now”

“I’m here to get your blessings,” I began, delicately raising my voice to grab the attention of the man lying on the hospital bed in front of me. “How many kilos would you like?” he asked in a rather serious tone, … Continue reading

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Tahrir: Rebelling with a Cause

If this doesn’t exemplify people power, then I’m not quite sure what does. Some have called it a second revolution, yet the over 22 million Egyptians who attached their name to the Tamarod (Arabic for rebel) movement by signing their … Continue reading

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On Rescuing a Nation and Shaming its Representatives

I am not one who cries easily, but seeing with my own eyes, how a mixture of army, police, riot police and the thugs protecting the Parliament, hit young men and women protesting in front of Parliament earlier today, made … Continue reading

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Where is our Voice?

The self-extension of the Lebanese Parliament’s term yesterday did not come as a surprise to anybody. It was yet a further nail in the coffin of Lebanon’s democracy, albeit its own special tailor-made brand of consensual, whatever-you-want-to-call-it democracy, where nobody … Continue reading

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The Politics of Finger Pointing

“We just want to remind people, for those who don’t know what is secularism, secularism doesn’t mean being against God, secularism is just the separation between religion and state, secularism makes all citizens equal before the law with the same rights, secularism … Continue reading

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Egypt: Waiting for What’s Next

We all know that barely two years after a revolution is rather early to assess its success, but for some Egyptians, the prospects of the post-revolution era are not looking particularly bright already. In a recent talk in Beirut by … Continue reading

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Failure of the Arab Revolution?

Nobody with the smallest amount of common sense should disagree that the reactions to the “Innocence of Islam” movie were simply senseless. Of course, it could have remained violent and lawless, had it not been for the sad unfolding of … Continue reading

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