Dubai: The desert, the skyscrapers and everything in between…

Note: This is the first of two posts recounting Eye on the East’s recent visit to Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

So I finally went back to Dubai. I didn’t expect anything to feel familiar, given that so much had changed in the eight years since my first visit. Part of me knew what to expect, and part of me hoped for something new.

It felt exciting to witness firsthand the grandiosity, despite the frivolity, of the biggest, the tallest and the brightest. But there was also a longing to find something more simple, authentic, something more Emirati, if anything like that exists.

Barely 20 years ago, few would have imagined that a small little desert settlement, nestled in a small corner of the Persian Gulf, would be transformed into the metropolis it has become today. Even though Dubai means different things to different people, some swear by it, while others swear to stay away from it, there is something about it that deserves much respect. But there is much left to be desired.

From the dizzying heights of its skyscrapers to the daunting lows of the desert dunes, and all the shopping in between…While the dust of the Arabian desert settles on my thoughts and impressions, I leave you with some snapshots from in and around the city of Dubai. The rest will follow…

Sheikh Zayed Road and the start of the evening rush hour. Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, in the center right of the picture.
A look away from Sheikh Zayed Road, and suddenly all the skyscrapers disappear…
Religion and the City…
Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, by night.
Dubai Creek and a different view of Dubai.
Dubai Creek and a more humble version of Dubai.
Marina Beach, Jumeirah.
A lazy Friday afternoon on Marina Beach, Jumeirah.
Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, United Arab Emirates
A Scimitar Oryx in the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve.
Dubai Mall, the world’s largest shopping center.
The Sheikhs that made Dubai and their stories…

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