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April 13: The War isn’t Over

Whether you believe it should be called the Lebanese War or the Lebanese Civil War. Whether you believe it was fundamentally a confessional conflict or a proxy war fought on Lebanese soil. Whether you were in East Beirut or West … Continue reading

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…من الأفضل لنا أن نكون كذبة أول نيسان ليومٍ واحد

Note: This is the Arabic translation of Better be an April Fools’ joke for a day… posted on Eye on East on April 3, 2016. Given that this issue goes far beyond the April Fools’ joke, we thought to spread to a … Continue reading

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Better be an April Fools’ joke for a day…

This isn’t a rant, it’s just something that has to be said, once and for all. When Saudi Arabia decided to freeze its $3 billion in military assistance to Lebanon last February, you could criticize its motives for doing so … Continue reading

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