In Just Six Words…

There are few other things that bring me as much happiness and fulfillment than as writing. The happiness it brings is both from how it allows me to express myself in all elegance, freedom and simplicity, as well as from the joy it brings to others readers and the bond that it invariably cements between us, writer and reader. No matter what the topic, no matter when and how and for who, writing is a mission, a cause, a means and an end in and of itself. Make of it what you want, interpret it as you wish, but never underestimate its power.

I had once promised to share more of my creative writing and fiction through this blog, so here it goes.

Some of you may have already seen this through Instagram, but for those who haven’t, once upon a time, I ventured into writing a couple of stories for a “Six-Word Stories” competition, a genre thought to be developed by the great Ernest Hemingway. I wrote what I thought were five lovely stories, but apparently the judges didn’t like them, but I did. More importantly, however, many of my friends and people who follow my writing did like them too. Seriously now, who needs judges when I have everyone else to read and enjoy them?

Writing an entire story in six words isn’t easy and these should be read as stories not quotes. Read them slowly, carefully as you would a more traditional and longer story. But read them once and twice and more, as you usually can’t with a more traditional and longer story, because it is only this way that you will truly understand it, connect with it and make it meaningful to you.

I hope you read and enjoy them, share them with others and share your own thoughts on them or even your own stories too. I can’t promise more but will think about it. I have a book to finish 🙂



Story 1Story 2Story 3Story 4Story 5

4 Replies to “In Just Six Words…”

  1. I love this post Marina,

    I took your advice on how to read them 🙂
    I don’t know what’s up with me this morning but I found myself trying to respond in the same way you wrote them 🙂

    for the first one: “I traveled alone, but never lonely.”
    I wrote: “The butterfly cuddles the whole earth”
    OK don’t laugh or do 🙂


    1. Thanks Hassan, thanks for your kind words! I knew fiction was always better than non-fiction, but everyone’s words is further encouragement 🙂 and no, I’m laughing at all, because it is a very hard thing to do, in only 6 words. Yalla, give it another shot 🙂

      1. in only six words tayb, Yalla as we say in that part of our world . . .
        I am still reluctant but …

        I traveled alone, but never lonely
        I discover, absorb, sense, believe, see
        Anywhere I stand, I am home
        Everywhere I look, I see us
        Wherever you are, I am there
        I go further, we get closer
        My tears flood down your cheeks
        My bliss is real thru you
        I traveled alone, but never lonely

        I am sure I broke few rules but hey I am beginner, maybe i should stop 🙂 or start on the next line you wrote . 🙂 your words are working me over 🙂 so you are winner

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