“From What Used to be My Window”

For as long as I have written about Lebanon, I have realized that the road toward change would need time and patience. I knew it would take a lot of time, but the more time passed, the more I ran out of patience and deeper into hopelessness that I would see any change at all. But when it all started to unfold in front of our eyes, as it has been with our beautiful Lebanese Revolution since October 17, I have become rather speechless, amazed perhaps, that finally, there is hope, for the Lebanon we have always dreamed of and know damn well that we deserve.

More on Lebanon soon but until then, do follow us on Twitter on @eyeontheeast for comments on the latest developments on the ground and on Instagram on @marinachamma for snapshots from the heart of the Revolution.

thumbnail_IMG_2967In the meantime, and in unrelated, but happy news, I’m excited my short story “From What Used to be My Window” was just published in the 4th issue of literary art magazine Sonder Midwest. You can find the story on page 96 via this link. Do consider buying a copy of this magazine, but while you wait for it to arrive, you can read my story here.

The story is inspired by the often tragic tradition of celebratory gunfire typical in Lebanon, the Middle East and parts of Asia.

In so far as it brings awareness to this ugly tradition and the need for it to stop and bring people responsible to account, I hope you enjoy the read.

In the meantime, long live our ongoing and beautiful Lebanese Revolution.

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