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فؤاد الترك … وكبير آخر يغادرنا وتفتقر بلادنا

Note: Eye on the East has the pleasure to feature guest writer Ambassador Samir Chamma who in his Arabic article below pays a moving tribute to late Lebanese Ambassador Fouad Al Turk. In “Fouad Al Turk: Another of the Greats Leaves Us, Further Impoverishing Our … Continue reading

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Vocabulary of Failure

I like to compare living in Lebanon to standing on quicksand. The longer you stay, the faster you sink in the bundle of developments, traditions, expressions and customs, slowly losing the precious perspective needed to be able to see things … Continue reading

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The Road to Secularism – Part III

If all roads lead to Rome, is Lebanon’s road to secularism doomed from the start? When I look back at the beginning of our road to secularism, I see an empty path that slowly gained loyal adherents along the way.  I … Continue reading

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I Live…(The Proud Version)

I live in a country where a hometown means that everyone knows who I am, what my father does, where my mother is originally from, what car my uncle drives, and who my cousins are married to all at once

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I Live…(The Dismal Version)

I live in a country that boasts one of the world’s earliest examples of urban planning yet lacks any such planning to speak of today

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The Road to Secularism – Part II

As someone who believes that one must judge others not only by their words, but also by their actions, and for the sake of my credibility and convictions, I woke up on Sunday, March 20, 2011 with the intention of … Continue reading

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The Road to Secularism

If you happen to be in the Middle East these days without punching your fist in the air, calling for the downfall of someone or something, then something must be wrong. To be fair, the people of every single Arab … Continue reading

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