“When will we become Lebanese?”

From Bouazizi to Tahrir Square; trying to keep up between Manama, Benghazi, Tehran, and Sanaa; and before we turn our walls into live feeds of events in the countries that remain, I think of Lebanon…

…how sad is it to hear people wish we had ruthless dictators, who could have at least united us, for once, because whenever we try to unite, we are divided.  In a way, each of our “leaders” is a dictator in his own right, also corrupt, and also ruling his flock with fear, of the other.  “When will we become Lebanese?”

It is hard for me ask this question without remembering Bank Byblos’ amazing ad a couple of years ago, that presents the issue of our national identity so effortlessly, so succinctly, so bluntly.  I don’t exactly know how they intended for it to increase their deposits…but it certainly targeted a much bigger purpose… 

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