“Waiting for George”

As mentioned in Eye on the East’s last post (A different kind of Eye…on the turbulent East) I’ve been hard at work on my first piece of fiction. You read (and hopefully enjoyed) one short story already – “Nothing but Alexandria” – so here comes the second.

Yet again and without further ado, I present to you “Waiting for George,” which appears in Berlin-based fashion and art magazine Dust. Their latest issue features narrative stories from Middle Eastern writers and artists, of which the one from Lebanon is by yours truly.

Similar to “Nothing but Alexandria,” “Waiting for George” is a profoundly human story, it is a quest for answers that may or may not be found. Although “Waiting for George” is obviously a piece of fiction, it is based on the reality of the 17,000 Lebanese disappeared since 1975, most of which remain unaccounted for. It is inspired by the tragic stories of those who lived to recount their ordeal and the families who are still waiting for answers. It is dedicated to the unimaginable suffering of their loved ones and every single one of them, to which we all at least owe to never forget.

In Dust Magazine, the story is introduced as follows:

Lebanon’s history has been plagued by conflict, instability and wars. Although the country’s civil war (1975-1990) ended 26 years ago, its repercussions are far from over. This short story is inspired by and dedicated to the 17,000 Lebanese disappeared during the war. Lebanese from all walks of life and from all around the country were kidnapped by either local militias or foreign military forces (Lebanese and otherwise) who participated in the war. Some of the disappeared are believed have been transferred and imprisoned in Syria, which itself occupied Lebanon from 1976-2005; while the rest were presumably left in Lebanon. The fate of the vast majority of them remains unknown until this day.

So thanks Dust Magazine, follow the link below for the story, let your eye take a look at the east through a different eye…and enjoy.

Waiting for George by Marina Chamma

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